Sunday, April 30, 2017

Who Made My Clothes? Profile 6 of 6: Kavita's Story

Name: Kavita
Age: 26
Married: no
Children: no

Kavita is 26 years old and is the product developer at Sambhali trust. She was born in Punjab, a less conservative state in the north of India. Unlike most women working at our centre Kavita went to school for 12 years and studied at a Univeristy in Jodphur. She got her degree in fashion designing in 2013. At the end of 2012 Kavita joined Sambhali. At first she was working as a vocational trainer in a centre for women from the Muslim communities but after a year she started to work with the boutique when the project started with 10 ladies. She is now in charge of both our graduate centres, she is responsible for national and international orders, making samples, buying fabrics and training the women as well as teaching them new skills.

“I enjoy my job at Sambhali a lot. I learn everyday something new from the ladies and no day is the same. I like fashion, it's my passion.”

Kavita has one brother and one sister who is also working at Sambhali. Because the social pressure from both society and family in Punjab is significantly smaller, Kavita is not yet married. She has more freedom about deciding who her future-husband will be and has a more independent life than most women in Rajasthan.

“Punjab is more open minded. When I want to get married I can tell my parents and I can also say it if I like someone - it's not a big deal.”

Kavita knows that Rajasthan is a tough ground for women rights and is glad to be part of Sambhali to support the women and is happy about every little step which is achieved to come closer to the main goal of gender equality.

“Child marriage is very bad. The girls don't know what happens with them. And now they are only 18 years old and don't have dreams.”

Kavita's dream for the future is to become a famous fashion designer. She wouldn't want to work in an office but for the moment she wants to stay in Sambhali because she knows how important the trust is for the women.

The girls are so happy to work for Sambhali. It's also a big deal for their families because the girls are leaving the house from the morning until the evening. They like it because it's a safe place, when they come here they feel empowered and free. I like to see that they are getting more confident.”

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